In this new post we are going to tell you how to make natural juice in which orange is the star combined with other fruits.

To combine fruit for juices we must follow some small guidelines. First do not mix more than three varieties of fruit. Second, combine acidic fruits with other acidic and semi-acidic ones and sweets with other sweet or semi-sweet ones. And finally do not add sugar or sweeteners to the juice.

Orange and Pineapple Juice

This so tropical combination is diuretic and a natural booster for our immune system. We must not forget its great laxative power, this combination of natural juices improves our health and helps keep cholesterol at bay and prevent arthritis and gout.


  • 250 gr. natural pineapple
  • 200 ml. of natural orange juice
  • 100 ml. of water or ice


Clean the pineapple, chop it and place it in a glass. Once we have the chopped pineapple and in a glass we add the orange juice and the water. Crush everything and if you want to add a summer touch add crushed ice. And ready to drink!

Orange and Papaya Juice

Papaya is another fruit that best combines with orange juice. This combination is very tropical too and a very vitamin cocktail. It is an elixisir rich in vitamins A, B, C and G and also in minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, silicon and iron.

Papaya is a fruit that helps digestion and detoxify blood among other properties. Orange juice for its part is rich in vitamin C, calcium and stands out for the amount of antioxidant and regenerating qualities, in addition to helping us prevent respiratory problems and protect us from possible infections.


  • 800 gr. Papayas
  • 800 ml. Oranges
  • 2 natural yogurts


Chop the papaya eliminating the seeds and the skin. Place the papaya in a glass next to the orange juice, beat everything and blend it. The right proportion is the same amount of orange juice as papaya.

To make it creamier and healthier you can enrich this juice by adding two natural yogurts. Add the two yogurts and beat everything again until it is homogeneous.