There are a multitude of variations within the juice business. Some of these include smoothie bars, smoothie bowls, or cold-bottled juices. All these varieties share the goal of offering customers healthy combinations in the most convenient way possible. These specialty fresh fruit juice businesses cater to health conscious customers who are trying to get their recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.

If you did and started your own juice business, you will ask yourself, how can I make your business profitable?

In this post we give some easy ideas to increase your profits:


If someone is coming for a juice or smoothie, can you also offer other add-ons such as raw snacks, specialty foods, and other items? Offering add-ons can be an easy way to increase a customer’s average ticket and also increase profitability.

Introducing your specialty foods can increase your overall profitability by at least 10-20% compared to just selling juice.

Buy in season

Anyone who eats or drinks fresh produce knows that there are growing seasons for all fruits and vegetables. Buying seasonal produce is essential to save money on juice and smoothie recipes. Out-of-season produce can be expensive and hard to find, leading to expensive recipes for your business.

Take care of your margins

Do you know which are the most profitable products on your menu? If the answer is no, then you need to spend some time figuring out which of your juices and other products are highly profitable and which are not. If you have some recipes that do not generate income, try increasing the price. Either people will continue to buy it and now it will be profitable, or they will stop buying it and you can remove it from their menu.

Find out which items are profitable and try to increase the price of the ones that are not.

Offer product bundles

Product bundling is a great marketing strategy that increases your top-of-the-line revenue as well as your bottom line. The idea here is to bundle the products into a package that offers value to the customer and makes it easier for them to buy more products. Some examples of product packages you can offer:

A smoothie and a salad: a healthy and inexpensive meal.

A juice, a prebiotic drink and a healthy snack: the customer will be more likely to buy all 3 if they offer them together.

Bundling your products can help you increase revenue.

Locate labor inefficiencies

You can accept the fact that each product requires X amount of work to make. But does it? Can you find a more efficient way to make a product? For example, an establishment that only offered juice at the moment began offering fresh bottled juice, many customers opted for juice to go instead of juice made to order. The labor cost on a bottle of fresh bottled juice is much lower, increasing profitability.

Customers also bought additional bottles to take home.

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