Orange juice is the most common fruit juice drink. It seems more popular than apple juice, peach juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, etc. What makes orange juice win the favor of manufacturers and customers?

Easy to obtain

The fruits that are used to make fresh juices or juice drinks have a high water content and a low cost. They must be easy to obtain. Citrus has more than 1000 varieties, so there are many alternatives. Also, there are different types of orange harvest in each season.

Many varieties

The orange is the most commercialized fruit. Driven by its demand, it has developed various cultivated species. This also allows us to improve the quality of the species and adapt production technology to consumer tastes.

Easy to process

Most of the juice drinks sold on the market are made from concentrated juice. To adapt to mass production, raw materials must be easy to process. The peel and kernels should be easy to remove, and the fruit pulp and debris should be easy to separate. Oranges are ideal raw materials, the skin is easy to remove and waste is low. If we buy it with apple juice; You have to squeeze the pulp from the apple, filter the juice, eliminate dietary fibers and pectin, which requires much more effort than processing orange juice.

Orange varieties are easy to mix

The orange varieties are the easiest to mix. Even some fruity drinks, although they do not contain real orange juice, add the artificial aroma to simulate the taste of the orange.

Health benefits

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and carotenes. They can restrict the formation of carcinogens, soften and protect blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and reduce cholesterol and fats in the blood.

As research shows, drinking orange juice can increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and lower your risk of heart disease. The falconoid and citrine in orange juice can promote HDL production and release low-density lipoprotein (LDL) to the outside.

Orange is useful to prevent gallbladder diseases.

Psychological effects

In the color spectrum, orange gives people the feeling of warmth, joy and brightness. It does not imply alertness as red, or coolness as blue and green. This is why many advertisements use oranges as the main color. It is said that the color orange in the restaurant can stimulate people’s appetites.

Citrus fruits generally contain unique volatile essential oils. Its flavor is refreshing and pleasant, which can help prevent stress and nervousness.

Citrus can remind us of sunlight, vitamin C, and happiness.

Long shelf life

As we know, bottled fruit juice was pasteurized during production to extend its shelf life. But different fruit juices vary in their shelf life. Orange juice has a high acidity, in which vitamin C is the most stable and microbes are difficult to multiply. High acid juice, such as orange and grape juice, can be stored in refrigerators for 3-5 days after opening, while low acid pear juice should be drunk within 2 days.

For all these reasons, orange juice becomes the most popular fruit juice drink. Today, people don’t mind paying more money to buy high-purity, nutritious orange juice. Artificial orange-flavored drinks have become less popular. To make fresh orange juice, a complete orange juice production line is necessary. The juice production business is on the rise.