Citrus juice

Frucosol F180

High Capacity Industrial line of juice extractor that has been specially designed for natural juice production lines.

High Capacity Industrial juicer, 180 fruits per minute. It has a feeding system made of a stainless steel elevator. It gets an average production of 900-1200 liters per hour, depending on the size of the fruit.
Frucosol Industrial can Supply you with equipment for all the production steps, from getting the raw material to the filling process.


Other foodservice equipment from Industrial Frucosol

Liquids Filling machine

Production up to 1500 liters per hour according to the number of nozzles. Machine for filling liquids such as fresh milk, juices, beer, water, liquors, soda, yogurts, oil…


Equipment for the thermal treatment of the milk and similar products like juices and soft drinks to eliminate the pathogens applying high temperatures for a short time.


The manual labeler is a tool designed to make easier the labeling of rounder bottles using roller stickers.
It can be used with different types of bottles and labels.