In all the continents several varieties of oranges are produced, but not all are optimal for making orange juice. To choose the best varieties, it is necessary to know some of their characteristics.

– Navel variety: they are considered ideal for their sweetness for the production of juice. Their large size differentiates them and also their large amount of juice.

– Variety Navelinas: perfect to make juice for its meaty pulp and for not having seeds, they contain a lot of juice inside. It is a variety of very sweet and delicious orange. The Valencian  Navelinas are the best varieties to make orange juice

– Variety Valencia Late: variety with a high content of juice of excellent aroma and slightly acid taste very suitable for industrialization. They are very juicy and sweet oranges, with a touch of acidity. Its size is a little smaller.

– Salustianas variety: they are sweet because they contain a lot of lemon and their flavor makes them an ideal variety for the production of juice. They have a lot of juice and it is an orange that has almost no seeds.

– Variety Sanguinelli: they are a somewhat bitter variety that are differentiated by giving a juice with enough color, with many antioxidants and vitamins. Its juice is sweet but with a sour content that is characterized by being reddish in color. Its size is small or medium, it has few seeds and the bark is thin and shiny, with areas of an intense red color.

We must remember that, the natural orange juice, regardless of the variety with which it is prepared, is good for health and gives us an interesting dose of nutrients and vitamin C. And, if we take it in the morning, we will obtain a dose of energy for the whole day.

Now that you know some of the best varieties for making fresh orange juice, we encourage you to get to know our orange juice lines.